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10:00 am Opening Remarks Jeff Healey, MD;
Shelley Zieroth, MD
  HOT off the Press: ACC and More…
10:05 am RAFT-AF Trial: Rate Control in Patients with HF and AF Ratika Parkash, MD
10:20 am LAAOS-III Trial: Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion Richard Whitlock, MD
10:35 am Colchicine in CAD and COVID Jean-Claude Tardif, MD
10:50 am PARADISE-MI Lisa Mielniczuk, MD
11:05 am Panel Discussion and Q & A Jeff Healey, MD;
Lisa Mielniczuk, MD;
Ratika Parkash, MD;
Richard Whitlock, MD;
Jean Claude Tardif, MD;
11:35 am The Great Diet Debate: Plant-Based vs Keto vs Mediterranean Danielle Belardo, MD
Q & A by Co-Chairs
12:00 pm BREAK
12:05 pm Corridor Consults 1 (fully interactive sessions with Q & A)
12:20 pm BREAK
12:25 pm LUNCH
Symposium (including Q & A)
  Secondary Prevention
1:10 pm Update on Lipid Therapy Jean Grégoire, MD
1:25 pm Post-Stroke CV Prevention Thalia Field, MD
1:40 pm SGLT2is: A Pillar of Secondary Prevention Muthu Vaduganathan, MD
1:55 pm Colchicine in CVD Guillaume Marquis-Gravel, MD
2:10 pm Panel Discussion and Q & A:
What we know, what we don’t know
Jeff Healey, MD;
Thalia Field, MD;
Muthu Vaduganathan, MD;
Guillaume Marquis-Gravel, MD;
Jean Grégoire, MD
2:40 pm BREAK
2:50 pm Corridor Consults 2 (fully interactive sessions with Q & A)
Concurrent Afternoon Streams: Women and CV Health/Genetics
  Women and CV Health Genetics
3:05 pm INOCA: Overlooked Despite the Risks Alexandra Bastiany, MD Update on Fabry/Sarcoid/Amyloid Danielle Walker, MD (MRI);
David Birnie, MD (Sarcoid);
Matthew Lanktree, MD
3:20 pm Nature’s Stress-Test:
Judy Luu, MD Genetic Screening for CVD Nathalie Bolduc
3:35 pm State of Science in Women’s CVD Christine Pacheco, MD Genetics of Cardiovascular Diseases Julia Cadrin-Tourigny, MD
3:50 p.m.
ends at 4:20 p.m.
Panel Discussion and Q & A:
Women and CV Health
Shelley Zieroth, MD;
Alexandra Bastiany, MD
Judy Luu, MD;
Christine Pacheco, MD
Personalized Medicine/AI Project
“Signature Study”
Nadia Giannetti, MD
4:05 pm Panel Discussion and Q & A:
Jeff Healey, MD;
Danielle Walker, MD;
David Birnie, MD;
Julia Cadrin-Tourigny, MD;
Nadia Giannetti, MD;
Matthew Lanktree, MD;
Nathalie Bolduc
4:35 pm BREAK
Concurrent Afternoon Streams: Real Life of a Cardiologist/ Guidelines Updates
  Real Life of a Cardiologist Guidelines Updates
4:45 pm Building Up: Setting up a
Cardiology Practice
Shekhar Pandey, MD 2020 CCS Atrial Fibrillation Guidelines Clare Atzema, MD
5:00 pm Feeling the Burn: How to Identify it, How to Heal from it Jillian Horton, MD 2021 CHFS/CCS Heart Failure Guidelines Michael McDonald, MD
5:15 pm The Parent Trap Jennifer Kolari 2020 CCS/CTS Pulmonary
Hypertension Guidelines
Lisa Mielniczuk, MD
5:30 pm Mentorship Made Manageable Chris Cheung, MD;
Najah Adreak, MD
2021 CCS Dyslipidemia Guidelines George Thanassoulis, MD
5:45 pm And I Have to Work on My Marriage Too? Toniya Singh, MD Panel Discussion and Q & A Shelley Zieroth, MD;
Clare Atzema, MD;
Michael McDonald, MD;
Lisa Mielniczuk, MD;
George Thanassoulis, MD
6:00 pm Financial Management for Specialists MDs Amanda Knapp; Mark Knapp
6:15 pm Panel Discussion and Q & A:
Real Life of a Cardiologist
Alexandra Bastiany, MD;
Chris Cheung, MD;
Jillian Horton, MD;
Tonyia Singh, MD;
Add Shekar Pandey, MD;
Jennifer Kolari;
Najah Adreak, MD;
Amanda Knapp, Mark Knapp
Shekhar Pandey, MD
6:35 pm Highlights from Day 1 & Closing Remarks
6:55 pm End of Day 1
9:45 am Opening Remarks Jeff Healey, MD;
Shelley Zieroth, MD
  Heart Failure
9:50 am Hope for HFpEF Scott Solomon, MD
10:05 am Break up the cycle: What we can do to keep our HF patients out of the hospital Harriette Van Spall, MD
10:20 am CAN-HF: Canadian Landscape of Heart Failure Management Sean Virani, MD
10:35 am Panel Discussion and Q & A:
Systems of Care and Strategies for Access: Realities of Managing HF
Shelley Zieroth, MD;
Scott Solomon, MD;
Harriette Van Spall, MD;
Sean Virani, MD
11:05 am BREAK
11:15 am Corridor Consults 3 (fully interactive sessions with Q & A)
  Practical Approach
11:30 am Telemedicine and NOACs: A Risk Worth Taking? Jason Andrade, MD
11:45 am Recognizing and Diagnosing Amyloidosis Margot Davis, MD
12:00 pm SGLT2i’s: What do the Guidelines Say? Shaun Goodman, MD
12:15 pm Panel Discussion and Q & A:
Who’s Afraid of Starting ARNI, SGLT2is, NOACs, Colchicine?
Jeff Healey, MD;
Jason Andrade, MD;
Margot Davis, MD;
Shaun Goodman, MD
12:45 pm LUNCH
Symposium (including Q & A)
1:30 pm Highlights from Day 2 & Closing Remarks
1:45 pm End of Congress