About EOCI

EOCI has a demonstrated track record of over 18 years in the CME industry. Our reputation is a result of business integrity and professional agility, as well as resourcefulness and creativity.

In addition to the 50-100 CME programs we develop annually, EOCI produces other high-calibre specialist-focused annual congresses across Canada.


2020 Presentations

Friday, June 12th 2020
1:15 pm A New Age for Heart Failure Therapy Shelley Zieroth, MD
1:35 pm Antithrombotics after ACS for AF patients Atul Verma, MD
1:55 pm ABCD’s of ATTR Amyloidosis Katie Connolly, MD
2:15 pm SGLT2i Mechanisms Jacob Udell, MD
3:15 pm How an Electrician Can Help Manage Heart Failure Atul Verma, MD
3:35 pm Saving Life and Limb: Anti-thrombotic Therapy for Vascular Disease Patrice Nault, MD
3:55 pm 2020 Update on Lipid Management: Beyond Statins Jean Grégoire, MD
4:50 pm Workshop A - How to Keep Calm and Treat NOAC-Associated Bleeding? Deborah Siegal, MD
  Workshop B - Cardiac Amyloidosis: Have I missed it? How do I treat it? Katie Connolly, MD
5:20 pm Workshop A - The Genetics of Heart Failure: What Clinicians Should Know Jeff Healey, MD
Saturday, June 13th, 2020
9:30 am COMPLETE and ISCHEMIA Shamir Mehta, MD
9:50 am Diet and CV Disease: Beyond the Hype Mahshid Dehghan, MD
10:10 am AF and Heart Failure? You Should See my Colleague Anique Ducharme, MD
Jeff Healey, MD
11:05 am Inflammation and CVD: Understanding New Pathways Jean-Claude Tardif, MD
11:25 am In-Patient and Out-Patient Management of HF:
When is it the best time to optimize Tx?
Peter Liu, MD
11:45 am The 20th Anniversary of HOPE:
Looking Back at the Landmark Trial in Vascular Protection
Salim Yusuf, MD
12:40 pm Workshop A - Implantable and Wearable Monitors for Patients with Heart Failure & Afib Kiran Sidhu, MD
  Workshop B - NOACs and Renally Impaired Patients: Green Light or Red Light? Lena Rivard, MD
  Workshop C - Using Machine Learning to Optimize Recruitment for Clinical Trials Jeff Healey, MD